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Du kan muligvis deltage i dette forsøg hvis du:
  • Er mellem 20 og 35 år gammel.
  • Har et bmi på mellem 18 og 30.

We want to investigate the way the brain works when performing tasks where attention and impulse control are required. To do so, we will be using two computer-based tests and drugs that increase attention and reduce impulsivity. These two tests are called the Conners CPT and the Combi-TVA. By doing so, we will gather more information about the processes and brain areas involved in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Do you want to help us in our mission? If so, please continue reading.

Eligibility criteria:

- 20-35 years old

- No history of psychiatric illness (e.g. schizophrenia, depression)

- No neurological illness (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia)

- No cardiovascular illness (e.g. high blood pressure, stroke)

- No history of drug addiction

- No recreational use of psychostimulants in the last 3 months

- No major vision or motor impairments

- No pregnancy or breastfeeding, and following approved contraception methods

- No lactose intolerance or allergies to excipients/active ingredients

- Body Mass Index between 18-30


Your participation in the study will span approximately 1.5 months requiring 6 visits (one visit a week). The first visit will allow us to take baseline measurements for the two computer tests. Each of the remaining five visits will consist on an oral administration of the medicament, followed by two tests done using a computer. These tests last 14 min and 45 min each. In that same visit a blood sample will be taken, with minimum of discomfort for the participant. Blood pressure will be measured before and after the administration of the medicine, and heart rate variability and pupil size will be measured throughout. Your motor activity (movement) will also be measured. The drugs used during this study will be: methylphenidate, atomoxetine, dexamphetamine, and modafinil. The study will take place at the Dept. of Psychology (Øster Farimagsgade 2A, 1353 København K).

After every session, you will get a 300 DKK gift card (a total of 1800 DKK for six sessions) for Magasin. In agreement with the trial staff, your public transportation costs can also be covered.

This trial has been approved by the Danish Medicines Agency and the Scientific Ethics Committee.

If you are interested in hearing more about the study, please contact the study coordinators Jon Lansner or Maitane Puntiverio, on phone +45 36 33 63 01, weekdays from kl. 8 -17, or write to us at

Godkendt af etisk komité med journalnummer: -:H-18052100

Jon Lansner
Center for visuel cognition, institut for psykologi, københavns universitet
Øster farimagsgade 2a, 4th floor
1353 Copenhagen k
Tlf: 61668876